You may be reading this on a Sunday night, or a Monday morning. The weekend feels like it came and went by faster than you would like, but no matter how you feel, a new week is about to start and you can’t stop it, so why not make the most out of it???

Three words that came to me for this week are : Productive, Generosity, and Flexibility.  I feel each of these words can help us in different ways when we want to set ourselves up to have a good week. I hope you enjoy thinking about these three words and how they can help you have a good week!

1. Productive-  As you go through your week ask yourself ” Am I being productive?” with every task that you do. Don’t you hate when you end your day feeling like you didn’t accomplish anything? Avoid that feeling by being intentional and choosing to be the most productive that you can be. Make a game out of it and at the end of each day reflect on what you accomplished that day. Pay attention to how much better you feel about yourself on the days that you feel you were the most productive.

2. Generosity –  Over and over again I have heard that doing something for someone else allows us to take the focus off of ourselves and sometimes that can be a good thing. Some things that you can do are to cook dinner for your spouse, encourage a co worker, take the time to wish someone a happy birthday on Facebook, text a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. See how you feel after doing something kind for someone else.

3. Flexibility- Many things in life are easier said than done. Although you definitely should stick to your goals since they are important to you, it is important to give yourself grace if you don’t make it to the gym one day or if you hit the snooze button AGAIN when you told yourself you wouldn’t. Be flexible with your goals, learn from your mistakes and work harder next time!

Have a great week!

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